Call 800-466-4036

Call 800-466-4036

Engineering Support

When you need information, Engineering support is just a click away!

As we all know, everything begins with the design, and sometimes it’s nice to have another opinion or support. Whether you’re trying to solve a problem, looking for the most cost effective solution, or looking for a custom product, our engineers are ready to assist!

Below is a product list, with engineers ready to help. Simply click on the type product of interest, ask your question, and an engineer will respond ASAP! If you prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact us at, 702-399-4060 Ext. 239.

Meet your engineering team

  • Connectors

    William K.
    David B.
  • Circular Style Connectors

    Jeff P.
    John L.
  • Capacitors

    Victor D.
    Kevin L.
  • Fans And Motors

    Arnold W.
    Tony L.
    Bert P.
  • Switches

    Tony S.
    Joe M.
  • Displays (LCD/TFT)

    Jameel O.
    Liang W.
    Sohel K.
    Miriam C.
  • LEDs

    Adrian C.
    Jeff S.
  • Filters

    Laurie L.
    Robert M.
  • Power Supplies

    Martin C.
    James B.
    Andrea L.
  • Relays

    Gary T.
  • Transformers

    Tony S.
    John B.
    Jose R.

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