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10 Mistakes of Outsourcing

TIP: When you consider outsourcing the goal is to have a more profitable company while simplifying the business processes. The objective here is to let the business owner and staff have more time to do the important processes. Tedious and repetitive work should be handled by those who are capable of doing the task. When you need your car repaired do you hire a mechanic or “outsource” it to a specialist known as a mechanic. When you outsource, it’s important to remember…

8 Cost Reductions for OEMs

TIP: Just like in hiring, you have to conduct thorough interviews with the people who are bidding for your business. You should ask for character references and get more information. Just like the people you hire, invest enough time to know the supplier you choose is trustworthy, dependable and…

What to Consider When Choosing Your Business Partner

TIP: Keep in mind that you’re not the only client of your supply partner. Do they give you time that you deserve and is your business important to them? If you’re the “big fish in the pond” this may not be a concern. However the majority of companies are not the fortune 500 companies we hear about in the news. Be sure to always…

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