Product Specs

ManufacturerNAS Electronics
End 1NEMA 5-15P
End 2IEC-60320-C13
Length3 Foot, 6 Foot, 7 Foot, 8 Foot, 10 Foot
Jacket TypeSJT, SVT
# Cond3
Color CodeNorth American
CertificationsCUL, REACH, RoHS, UL
For Use WithMonitors, PCs, Printers
X-Ref P/Ns11-00015, 11-00022, 11-00024, 11-00031, 1581C6NA, 233003-06, 312007-01, 312032-01, 313015-01, 4300.092, 531 BK078, 547F BK078, 548F BK078, 6051.2001, 800-18-0OD-GR-0003F, 800-18-13D-RE-0006F, 800-18-13D-WH-0010F, 800-18-2-2-SVT0BL-00200, 821 SL078, A-PC2302-020028-1, A-PC2302-030021-1, A-PC2302-030028-1, AC-C13 NA, AK500/U-2, IL13-US1-SVT-3100-183, IL13-US2-SJT-3100-183, P006-003, P006-006, P006-010, P010-003, P010-006, P010-010, P515C13BL3, P515C13BL6, PWR-3PVL-11BK-003F, PWR-3PVL-11BK-006F, PWR-3PVL-11BK-010F

Product Description

Our 18 gauge NEMA 5-15p to IEC-60320-C13 power cords are UL and CUL approved as well as REACH and RoHS compliant. Rated at 125V at 15amps, this cord is most commonly used for PCs, computer monitors, printers, and some other computer equipment.

Our popular offerings for this cord comes in 3, 6, and 10 foot lengths and are commonly stocked in SVT (standard use) & SJT (heavy duty) jacket types, but all jacket types are available. Our standard cords are offered in black, but other colors are available upon request. We do offer custom cord creation upon request if you need a cord that varies from our listed selection online. If you need a custom cord or one that we do not have listed, please contact one of our fantastic sales representatives at 1-800-466-4036 or email us.


The following documents are available to download for this product:

3 foot SVT Spec Sheet


6 foot SVT Spec Sheet


10 foot SVT Spec Sheet


3 foot SJT Spec Sheet


6 foot SJT Spec Sheet


10 foot SJT Spec Sheet



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